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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Orkut Virus beware of your gmail security

Recently there is a virus in orkut that comes as scrap.

This scrap comes from your best friend with orkut scrap as "bom spado". Dont open or go to orkut and view this scrap.

If you are doing it, then your orkut account will not work and your gmail account will be compromised.

Not only this, your friends will receive the scrap automatically and all their accounts will be closed. So stop this virus and delete it when you see it.

If your gmail account is liked with paypal or bank accounts, delete your orkut account immediately. Change your gmail password in Google Accounts.

Delete all your bookmarks and history from the browser where you opened this.

Share this article with all your friends and save your gmail account from getting compromised.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Software Jobs in Aricent for 2010 Passouts

Aricent Conducting a recruitment drive for 2010 Passouts for fresher Jobs. Information related to the jobs are given in the below article
Software Jobs in Aricent for 2010 Passouts

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Top Consultancies in Bangalore

This article provides information related to top consultancies in Bangalore. Hope this article is useful for all who are looking for jobs in bangalore
Top Consultancies in Bangalore

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Drag and Drop Site Builder from ipage

Drag and Drop Site Builder is one of the easy-to-use website building tool which allows you to create professional-looking sites quickly and easily by dragging and dropping site elements onto a page. Manage your site on your own – no prior experience needed from ipage.


We’ve added some new features to our Drag and Drop Site Builder, making website building even easier and more fun. Below are just a few of the new features, so make sure you log into your control panel and check it out for yourself:

1. More Templates
There are a variety of new and fresh templates to choose from – you now have even more options when deciding which template best represents you and your website’s overall message.

2. Advanced Template Preview
Not only can you mouse over templates to quickly preview your site, but now when you click on “All Themes” in the “Design” tab of Drag and Drop Site Builder, you’ll notice a new preview button on each template. Click “preview” on a template of your choice to check out your entire website arranged in that particular template.

3. New Favorite Template Option
See a template you like, but want to keep browsing? Make it your favorite by clicking on the new “favorite” option, and Drag and Drop Site Builder will save this template at the top of your page, making it easy to find and come back to.

4. Additional Template Customization
Drag and Drop Site Builder now allows you to modify and customize your template, empowering you to make it even more personal and unique. Easily change the font, color and text size of your headers and copy -- making changes site-wide with one click!

5. Greater SEO Flexibility and More
You can now include meta tags by page, not just by site. Each page can include a unique meta tag, increasing your SEO potential. Our updated version of Drag and Drop Site Builder also includes an improved help section, making your overall Drag and Drop experience easier.


25 Most Interesting Facebook Games

Developers saw even bigger slumps in April. MAU losses were tremendous across the board. 18 of the current Top 25 experienced a decline, with other factors, like Facebook platform performance issues, also contributing to the problem.

Nevertheless, the industry trudges forward, as five new games also make their appearances on the Top 25 this month — including the tremendously fast growing Zynga app, Treasure Isle. It’s not clear if those apps, or any growing smaller ones, are just gaining users so through cross-game promotions and advertising, or if there is also new organic growth starting to happen.

Facebook and the industry needs to see organic growth of some form if the industry is going to survive. Despite what some developers might say, the company does want social gaming to continue to exist. Among other reasons these games bring users back to the site, and make it more generally interesting and meaningful; they also present a new opportunity for Facebook to monetize, via the company’s budding Credits virtual currency product.

Developers have been nailed hard by Facebook changes over the years, but they have always rebounded back stronger than before. This will likely happen again. But if Facebook sees that the changes stay overly prohibitive of quality user engagement, we expect the company will look for new ways to enable more virality.

Here are the highlights for the Top 25 Facebook Games for May, 2010:

* The titanic FarmVille experienced tremendous player lost this past month. Having lost just over 200,000 players last time, the farming app lost north of 4.4 MAUs this month. The app still sits tight at #1 with 78.4 million monthly active users.
* The classic Texas HoldEm Poker (also known as Zynga Poker) did see a small gain, however, of just over 100,000 players, surpassing the restaurant title, Cafe World, which lost over 2.6 MAUs.
* Perhaps the biggest news on the charts this month is the rise of Zynga’s newest app, Treasure Islewith over 2.2 million MAUs. The game is already #5 on the list, beating out Mafia Wars and becoming the top social game thus far for 2010.
* Unfortunately for CrowdStar, their top game, Happy Aquarium lost another 4.2 million users this past month, as a continuing decline in virtual aquarium app popularity, well, continues. Nonetheless, the happy fish still take the #8 spot over FishVille at #9.
* MindJolt Games’ collection of mini-games within its meta game structure drops from #8 to #13. However, the game still holds over 13.1 million monthly active users, suggesting that meta game apps filled with strong mini-games can still hold their own.
* Joining the Top 25 at #14 and #15 respectively are Playfish‘s Hotel City (13 million MAUs) and Playdom‘s Social City (12.6 million MAUs), showing that games can still flourish despite the declining trend.
* One of the original farming apps, Slashkey‘s Farm Town suffers another drop in the ranks, falling from #16. It now hangs on at #20 with just over 9 million users.
* Playdom sees another victory for their games, as its tropical vacation destination application, Tiki Resort appears for the first time at #23, pulling in around 6.2 million MAUs.
* Finally, rounding out the list at #25, German company wooga comes into play with its simple puzzle game, Bubble Island, garnering just over 6 million monthly active users.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Online Bachelor Degree Advantages

Online degree programs have grown in popularity over the years for many reasons that include the creation of accredited online colleges, traditional colleges and universities offering online courses, and increased interest by those already in the workforce who want to further their careers by earning a degree while they work.

According to the Postsecondary Education Factbook 2006, published yearly by education consulting and marketing firm Edventures, in 2006 over $10 billion dollars was spent in online education by those pursuing a degree. This is an increase from $2.5 billion spent in 2004. But why are online degree programs so popular and why should you consider enrolling in one when going back to school?

Save Time by Taking Courses Online

For many students, returning to school to earn a bachelors degree means taking time off from work, spending less time with family, and being around younger students. It’s these factors that deter some students from returning to school.

But by enrolling in an online degree program, students will be able to take courses from home without having to spend time driving to the college or university, paying for childcare or sitting in a classroom filled with learners they may not have anything in common with. With a bachelor degree online, students can still pursue their educational goals without disturbing their lives in the process.

Online bachelor degree programs often involve listening to lectures, reading lecture notes from instructors or participating in live chat with other students and instructors. Students will still be responsible for turning in all assignments and tests like traditional students, but they will not have to spend as much time in the classroom.

Convenience of Online Courses

If you want to continue working while earning a bachelors degree, earning your degree online is more convenient than traditional classroom courses in several ways. First, you have the ability to only take as many courses as you can handle each semester. Second, since you won’t have to spend time in a classroom, you will have more time to study or focus on other areas in your life. Third, you will be given a syllabus at the beginning of each course that outlines how the course will be taught. This will include due dates for all assignments, tests and projects so you can budget your time.

Online Education Costs Lower

Depending on the program you enroll in, earning an online bachelor degree may cost less than attending a traditional university program. Online colleges have lower overhead because they don’t provide housing or classroom space and do not support extra-curricular activities such as sports, music or theater programs. When you enroll in an online degree program, the cost of tuition, additional supplies or materials, and fees for IT support are usually all you will be required to pay.

Greater Acceptance of Online Degree Programs

According to the report, Making the Grade: Online Education in the United States, 2006, published by The Sloan Consortium, in 2003, only 57% of academic leaders thought students who earned their degree online received the same or better education than those attending traditional programs. By 2006, that number rose to 62%. This means that online education programs are becoming more accepted by educators and employers as each year passes.

Career Advancement

Earning an online BS degree can help your career in many ways. Not only will you be qualified for career advancement, many employers reward those who take the initiative to further their education, with bonuses and higher pay.

Online bachelor degrees are available in many fields. Through careful research, you can find an online program that suits your needs.

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