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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Using LinkedIn through Blackberry

LinkedIn, one of the world’s largest business networking sites has released an application ‘LinkedIn for Blackberry’ for RIM’s Blackberry phones that will allow users to stay connected to their professional network while on the move. There’s no doubt whatsoever Blackberry is the leading worldwide business smartphone today, so Blackberry smart phones and LinkedIn are a natural fit as both are heavily used in the corporate segment.

The LinkedIn for Blackberry app offers most of the same functionality as the LinkedIn website including network updates, search, connections, invitations, messages and contact suggestions. Currently, the LinkedIn app is available only for Curve, Bold and Tour models but it expected that it will be available for other models pretty soon. It requires OS 4.3.0 or higher to run on supported phones.

A key feature of the Blackberry app is that it allows users to update their address books with contact information directly downloaded and merged from their LinkedIn contact lists. What’s more, you can integrate LinkedIn messages into your phone’s email application and view the profile of other people who’d be attending the same event that’s marked on your Blackberry Calendar. The app is designed to take advantage of Blackberry’s background processing capabilities to ensure that profile info and messages are automatically kept up to date.

I find the application especially useful if I’m away from my computer and I need quick access to information on a prospect customer that I’ll be meeting shortly. It’s easy to navigate and lets me do everything that I can do on the LinkedIn website. Courtesy the LinkedIn for Blackberry app, my professional network is at my fingertips, even while I’m on the move.