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Freelance Jobs

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Using LinkedIn through Blackberry

LinkedIn, one of the world’s largest business networking sites has released an application ‘LinkedIn for Blackberry’ for RIM’s Blackberry phones that will allow users to stay connected to their professional network while on the move. There’s no doubt whatsoever Blackberry is the leading worldwide business smartphone today, so Blackberry smart phones and LinkedIn are a natural fit as both are heavily used in the corporate segment.

The LinkedIn for Blackberry app offers most of the same functionality as the LinkedIn website including network updates, search, connections, invitations, messages and contact suggestions. Currently, the LinkedIn app is available only for Curve, Bold and Tour models but it expected that it will be available for other models pretty soon. It requires OS 4.3.0 or higher to run on supported phones.

A key feature of the Blackberry app is that it allows users to update their address books with contact information directly downloaded and merged from their LinkedIn contact lists. What’s more, you can integrate LinkedIn messages into your phone’s email application and view the profile of other people who’d be attending the same event that’s marked on your Blackberry Calendar. The app is designed to take advantage of Blackberry’s background processing capabilities to ensure that profile info and messages are automatically kept up to date.

I find the application especially useful if I’m away from my computer and I need quick access to information on a prospect customer that I’ll be meeting shortly. It’s easy to navigate and lets me do everything that I can do on the LinkedIn website. Courtesy the LinkedIn for Blackberry app, my professional network is at my fingertips, even while I’m on the move.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Perception of Online Education

You've done the research and you've seen the numbers. You've calculated the cost and the time required. Earning your degree online is not only reasonable, it might be your best option considering the flexibility and cost savings. So why are you still hesitating? Because you still have one very important concern...

How much credibility does an online education hold with employers?

Well, according to employers, plenty.

Competitive employees realize the necessary skills and adaptability required by future employers. In the 21st century business environment, employees are expected to constantly keep up with the latest technology.

There are many misconceptions about online degrees. Some believe it is just 'at-home' education, or 'by yourself' education. However, in reality an online degree means learning via multimedia presentations, streaming lectures, audio files, and websites, all of which increase your competitive edge by providing solid skills necessary in the modern business world.

Online education programs provide valuable experience through internet applications, information research, and peer/professor communication. Students learn new technologies and skills via hands-on learning.

Simply put, an online education prepares you with real world skills using real world technology.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Top 10 Resume Building Tips

Resume plays a major role in success of Interview and getting a job. This article provide information about top 10 Resume Building Tips that helps in getting through interview and successfully getting a job.

  •  Plain is better.
  •  Microsoft Word is the preferred format.
  •  Always mention your organization before your job titles: for example, UNICEF Senior Fundraiser.
  •  Do not mix different fonts
  •  Do not send scanned CV’s.
  •  Do not use columns or tables or underlines.
  •  Do not use graphics.
  •  Do not use headers or footers.
  •  Do not use page numbers.
  •  Do not use templates.
  •  Keywords are the method by which your resume will be retrieved in searches, not looks. Use proper words which are specific to your skill sets throughout your resume.
  •  Back up achievements with examples: instead of increased sales, use increased sales by $750,000 in 6 months.
  •  Remove all ‘centering’, ‘right hand margin’ and ‘justification’ alignments.
  •  Use blank lines between sections but do not use blank lines within paragraphs.
So what are you waiting for? Strip it down, clean it up, and be specific about your objective and accomplishments and go get that new job! For more on resume building tips and Interview tips visit Jobs for everyone

Tips to Impress Boss in Office

Everyone wants to impress his or her boss in office. Indeed, in our lives everyone reports someone or other. Even chief executive officers of fortune hundred companies reports to their boards, board members reports to their chairman, and chairman of the board reports to the shareholders or private owners. Therefore, the system of reporting is closed. No one escapes the reporting obligation.

Nevertheless, in every stages of this obligation structure one thing stands common i.e. how to keep our bosses happy? Indeed, one of the top questions everybody asks. Regardless, why we should please our bosses and our boss please his boss and so on. If one need a steady paying job, or want to grow in the job, one must be willing to do everything to keep his or her boss happy. Please note that all we do to please our bosses remains within moral and ethical grounds, however.

The following list the most visible aspects that pleases your boss and earn you credits.

1. Give first priority to assignments from your boss
Even if you have many pending tasks from your colleagues or customers, treat assignments from your boss with highest priority. Let your boss chose what task done first. Let him or her feel like a boss. Do not ever ignore or forget the task given by your boss. Make a calendar for every task to complete and monitor the progress. Even if you have to overstretch yourself to complete the task assigned by your boss, do that. Indeed, your efforts will help your boss to earn some credit from her superiors. You will earn goodwill with your boss, in addition.

2. Give credit to your boss on all occasions

When you complete a task, do not forget to praise her for her unconditional support. After successful completion of assignments, in addition to your regular assignment report, write a separate mail thanking her for supporting you to complete the assignment, and mark a copy to her boss. This would certainly please her most.

3. Talk good about your boss behind her back
Always remember to talk good about your boss in your office. Do not ever badmouth her. If you say anything on your boss, in one way or other it will reach her ears one day. Therefore, keep your criticisms to yourself and talk good about her.

4. Keep your boss informed when you get assignments from superior of your boss
Do not keep your boss in dark about assignments you get directly from her superiors. Discuss the assignment with your boss and keep her informed regularly. Indeed, her boss may casually ask about the assignment progress, she feel embarrassed if you had not discussed about the assignment with her. It will put her in negative light in front of her boss and certainly earn your bad credit.

5. Do not ever bypass your boss
Importantly, do not ever bypass your boss with anything you do in your office. Remember if anybody can defend you when you are cornered, it is your boss. If you lose trust with your boss, you will be on your own. Willful bypassing amounts to insubordination and not tolerated by anyone. You will find no supporters for this.

6. Be the first to applaud when your boss finishes her speech.
A speaker instantly notices the first person who applauds. In addition, you can stand up and applaud immediately after your boss finished her speech. This creates powerful impression. It will surely please your boss. A word of caution: use this technique only on occasions of celebrations of some kind, though. Not when lay off announcements made, or salary cuts announced. Use your discretion.

7. Carry a notepad whenever you meet your boss in your office
Taking notes when meeting with your boss creates a good impression of you, in addition, make her to feel important. Taking notes also helps you to avoid missing points that your boss wanted you to do.

Tips for getting a Job Abroad

Generally many students are now going abroad for their higher studies. So they also look for a job along with their abroad studies. If you are interested in jobs abroad, you have to keep  some important things in mind. Followings are some of the job tips that might help you.

Learn the language of the country you want to work. Learning language is one of the most important things for your preparation. Just being able to speak is not enough. Understanding what you read is important too. A professional is expected to have writing skill too.

  • Learn at least basic computer skills. It can be MS word, Ms Excel etc where you can easily get a part time job. One does not need to buy a computer or go to a computer school for learning basic computer skill, but learning from an instructor is a good idea.
  • It is important to have typing skills and also professional in atleast one subject.
  • Good manners, behavior will help you a lot in a foreign country.
  • Prepare a good C.V or Curriculum Vitae.
  • Save money for your expenses to support you before you get a job there. It will help you a lot in a foreign country to support you.
  • It is important to have someone close to you, may be a close relative or intimate friend who can help you there.
Driving skills may help you for some places. Find out about the transport options of the place you want to go to. If public transport is not so frequent, learn how to drive from your native country which will help you in foreign land.